Wood jewelry boxes come in many shapes and forms you have a vast selection when it comes to these items and you are sure to find something for just about everyone. This includes kids as well. When considering presents you may want to look into wood jewelry boxes.

We all know someone who can?t get enough costume jewelry in her collection. She may gather up vintage jewels or modern arrangements. You know that she has draws filled with these items and she probably can?t keep everything organized. Some wood jewelry boxes are large and designed for just such a person.

I love the armoire style wood jewelry boxes that serve as a piece of furniture in them selves. Unfortunately, I have very little need for such an item but I can give vicariously to my sister who is a regular jewel horse. She collects tons of the stuff. I decided to purchase a wood jewelry box that is freestanding and large to accommodate her needs.

This little piece of furniture is amazing. I chose a cherry stain for the finish to match the rest of her bedroom furniture. The wood jewelry box has places to hang necklaces and slots for rings as well as earrings. My sister will be well organized and hopefully it will help her to get ready quicker than she normally does.

Other wood jewelry boxes are much smaller. I chose one that looks almost like a cigar humidor for my husband. This men?s jewelry holder is excellent for keeping his valuables organized and separate from mine. We used to share a space but that got old very quickly. This container is clean and masculine in design and it has interesting spaces for his watches. This was the major selling point as far as I was concerned.

My daughter is approaching the teenage years like a freight train and I thought that a wood jewelry box would be perfect for her. I chose a musical version that is painted entirely in white. This beautiful item has a Victorian feel and look with a lovely red felt lining. I can hear her playing the music each time she opens the box.

Three of my favorite people have each received wood jewelry boxes from me as gifts. I can attest that each of them loves their present and they wouldn?t trade them for the world. No matter who is on your shopping list you may want to consider wood jewelry boxes.

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