It is autumn which usually means that there will be many arts and crafts sales. I like to go to a few of the sales to get ideas for projects as well as to find holiday gifts. It seems that each year there is something new that the crafters have come up with. A few years ago it was at a craft fair that I saw the hand crocheted fuzzy scarves that became so popular. I was curious to see what would be new this year.

My sister and her adult daughter came to our house to attend the local arts and crafts fair. As we were walking across the parking area I noticed a woman with a small dog on a leash. The dog looked like it had something shiny on one of its front paws. As we got closer I realized it was a bracelet. My niece asked the dog owner where she bought the dog?s bracelet. The women said that pet jewelry is one of the new items that many of the crafters were featuring.

As we walked around the different booths we noticed that there were several displays of pet jewelry. Most of the crafters that create beaded items have branched into beaded pet jewelry. They sold sets of four bracelets so that the dog or cat could wear one on each foot. There were necklaces as well as beaded belts. My niece and I were laughing about getting pet jewelry for my husband?s hunting dogs. One of the crafters overheard us and showed me a set of camouflage bracelets that were beaded with green, brown and black beads. I thought it would be fun to put them on the dogs. She also had hunting caps for dogs. I also bought two of them.

My niece loves my two cats. She thought the cats would feel left out if they did not have pet jewelry so she bought each of them a bracelet set. I told her that I did not think the casts would leave them on, but we took them anyway. When we arrived home we had about fifteen minute to get the dogs ready before my husband got home. We put the bracelets on the dogs and placed the hats on their heads. The hats were held in place with a strap. The dogs looked very cute. The cats were not happy to have something wrapped around their paws. It was funny watching them try to shake the pet jewelry off their hind legs.

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